Invisalign ClinCheck Treatment Planning Services

The treatment planning phase of Invisalign® using Align Technology’s state of the art ClinCheck® treatment planning software is the most critical in achieving successful treatment outcomes and patient care. Leading Invisalign experts are very clear in stating that success with Invisalign treatment is highly dependent on a well-executed ClinCheck® treatment plan. That is where Clear comes in. The Clear Team of Clinical Experts will set up your ClinCheck treatment plans along with unlimited ClinCheck modifications based on the most current clinical protocols to achieve your treatment goals and desired clinical outcomes.

Included in Invisalign Treatment Planning Service:

  • Complimentary one-time Clear account set up (must include Invisalign® Doctor Site user name and password to set up account)
  • Clinical evaluation to determine the clinical applicability of Invisalign® treatment (all required records and prescription forms must be submitted online through Invisalign® Doctor Site)
  • Complimentary on-going review of Invisalign® Clinical Treatment Preferences in Invisalign® Doctor Site
  • Unlimited ClinCheck® modifications for each Full Service 

Excluded from Invisalign Treatment Planning Service:

  • Unlimited ClinCheck® modifications of ClinCheck treatment plan
  • Case Refinement or Mid-Course Correction (Additional Aligners) ClinCheck® modifications
  • Scheduled phone consultation with a Clear Clinical Expert
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