Invisalign Clinical Experts

Clear Clinical Experts are clinically trained as orthodontists and dentists. They understand the fundamentals and biomechanics of tooth movement using various orthodontic appliances and are especially well trained on the cutting edge treatment modality of Invisalign.

Clear Clinical Experts are trained on current Invisalign and ClinCheck® protocols and understand how this rapidly changing modality fits in with your practice goals, your treatment preferences and the desires of your patients. Clear Clinical Experts are assigned to you which means they have the time to dedicate to you and your treatment plans giving you the attention you and your patients’ treatment requires.

Clear Clinical Experts are doctors who have worked for Align Technology, some for over a decade. They have been integral in developing of many of the ClinCheck protocols and clinical support services at Align Technology, in the US, Costa Rica, Europe and Asia. In addition, they have trained thousands of doctors worldwide on Invisalign and how to maximize the ClinCheck treatment planning process. Most importantly, they have treatment planned tens of thousands of cases for doctors worldwide giving them the broadest clinical scope possible to serve you best.