Invisalign Clinical and Marketing Expertise

Clear is a team of Clinical and Marketing Experts who have worked with Invisalign doctors globally for the past 15 years to understand the specific clinical and commercial needs of the Invisalign doctor and their practice.

It is this wealth of experience that allows Clear to offer the highest quality, most comprehensive clinical and marketing services to ensure the highest level of Invisalign treatment acceptance and patient care.

Grow your Invisalign Practice with Clear

Clear Pillars

Clinical – Clear Treatment Planning Solutions

Clear can dramatically increase your practice production and profitability by giving you the confidence and dedicated support to treat cases you would otherwise not treat by maximizing your time invested into each treatment. Having a Clear Clinical Expert evaluate the clinical applicability of your case, recommend the best treatment plan for each specific clinical condition, and provide the most ideal ClinCheck set up allowing you to spend your valuable time doing what you do best, treating your patients.

Commercial – Clear Practice Marketing

You have to market your practice. Clear Practice Marketing will maximize your Invisalign opportunities through effective Web, Social Media and Online Marketing to attract new Invisalign patients to your practice using proven techniques from the most successful Invisalign practices in the world. Your dedicated Social Media Marketing Expert will manage your Social Media, partner with you and your team to drive patient referrals and new patients. Finally, Clear Practice Marketing will implement the right systems in your practice to more effectively educate your patients on the consequences of malocclusion left untreated bringing you and your practice to the next Invisalign level.

Financial – Clear Financial Solutions

Arguably the most critical task in the dental or orthodontic practice is the financial presentation. If we get everything else right and come up short on the financial presentation we lose opportunities. Lots of them. According to Dental Economics the average financial conversion rate – defined as $ presented versus $ collected at the time of presentation (not to be confused with case acceptance) is only 20%. This means that for every $1 presented, only $0.20 is collected. What’s more, the national average for case acceptance rate in an orthodontic practice is only 50%. Clear Patient Financing is a better solution that can provide the most effective presentation techniques while offering your practice the lowest practice fees in and highest approval rates the industry offers.