your aligner outcomes by outsourcing clinical diagnosis, treatment planning, and optimization of the virtual setup.


with our expert orthodontists to boost your clinical confidence and predictably treat more complex cases.


your profitability by reducing chair-side doctor-time and overall treatment time, thereby growing your clear aligner practice.

A quick question

Are you confidently offering aligner therapy to every patient that needs it?

Achieve more predictable and stable outcomes by allowing our team of experienced orthodontists to diagnose, treatment plan, and optimize the setup your clear aligner case.


For more than a decade

Clear Treatment Planning Solutions has been a trusted partner to thousands of doctors worldwide, collaborating to optimize the clear aligner treatment plans for over 400,000 patients.

Our unrelenting focus on Treatment Plan Optimization™ has led to a wide range of positive outcomes including:


Shorter Treatment Times


Fewer Refinements


More Case Submissions

What is…

treatment Planning optimization™?

We believe that an aligner manufacturer simply providing doctors with a virtual setup for clear aligner therapy is not enough to achieve the best possible results for patients.

Instead, we take a more comprehensive approach that prioritizes proper diagnosis and treatment plan optimization, in order to maximize the predictability and consistency of clinical outcomes.

Our team of experts works closely with you to carefully evaluate each malocclusion case and develop a customized treatment plan that takes into account all relevant factors, such as the patient’s unique dental anatomy, facial profile, and treatment goals.

By optimizing the treatment plan, we can ensure that your patients receive the most effective and efficient care possible, while minimizing the risk of midcourse corrections or refinements.

Treatment Plan Optimization™ is the heart of our business and it guides everything we do.


I have been working with ClearTPS as my Consultant and Coach for Invisalign for the past 15 months. Clear has completely transformed my practice by putting protocols in place that have significantly increased my Invisalign case starts. This has been my best year ever!

Dr Paul Lee

Smiles By Paul Lee

ClearTPS has been integral to my success in bringing my Invisalign experience to the next level. ClearTPS has brought a whole new dimension to the Invisalign process in my practice by offering more treatment opportunities, increased profitability and improved clinical outcomes. With the help of ClearTPS we moved from Preferred to Premier to Elite Provider in just 18 months.

Dr Ann haggard

Designer Smiles

Invisalign has always been an important part of my practice but at times I was hesitant to take on certain types of cases. Partnering with ClearTPS has allowed me to broaden my clinical scope with Invisalign and has allowed me to take advantage of opportunities that I would’ve passed up or referred out. ClearTPS has had a significant impact on my practice. 

Dr J. Derek Tieken

Tieken Smiles Dentistry

Since using ClearTPS I’ve reengaged with Invisalign and have started more cases in the past 6 months than in the previous several years. ClearTPS has given me the confidence to treat more cases and it has been a valuable tool in my practice!

Dr Linda Sierra

Sierra Smiles 4 U

ClearTPS has become an essential solution for Invisalign in my practice. . . allowing me to treat cases that I would have otherwise referred out . Integrating ClearTPS into my practice has been an important part of my practice growth over the past 2 years. With very few refinements .

Dr Michael smith

Accent Dental Group

I have been working with ClearTPS for over 2 years now and it has transformed the way in which we operate. It’s difficult to imagine not having ClearTPS as a partner to support us, not only clinically and in challenging cases but also with the efficiency in case production that our increasing volume of Invisalign patients are demanding.

Dr. Krupal Shah


As the world’s largest Network of Invisalign Providers, it has been a pleasure for the MiSmile Network to work with Clear for the past 7 years and having their Clinical Team manage our treatment planning needs. They have consistently exceeded expectations on quality outcomes, turnaround times and service. It is hard to imagine how we would manage without them.

Dr. Sandeep Kumar

MiSmile Network

As one of the leading Orthodontic Education platforms in the world, it has been a distinct pleasure working with the Clear Team. Their level of clinical expertise is unsurpassed and their vision of the future of clear aligner orthodontics is progressive.

Dr Geoffrey Hall