About us

Our Story

Clear Treatment Planning Solutions was founded more than 15 years ago on the idea that dentists were not clinically confident in offering clear aligner patients to every patient that had a malocclusion that impacted their oral health.

our vision

Clear Treatment Planning Solutions was established in 2012 by two former members of Align Technology’s leadership team, who had a clear understanding of the future of the clear aligner market and treatment planning services.

They recognized a significant market need because clear aligner manufacturers do not offer diagnosis and treatment planning services to doctors.

While these manufacturers do provide a virtual treatment plan setup, the treating doctors are left on their own to figure it out without any diagnosis or treatment planning.

Essentially, these manufacturers are just a lab whose responsibility is to fabricate the aligners based on the clinician’s clinical expertise.

To address this gap, Clear TPS was founded to act as a bridge between the clear aligner company and clinicians who may not have significant formal training in using clear aligners as an orthodontic treatment modality.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning services to doctors using clear aligners to ensure successful outcomes for their patients.

Our Leadership

Sheldon Krancher

Founder, CEO

With over 30 years of experience in Healthcare, Sheldon Krancher has spent the last decade integrating clear aligner orthodontics into practices globally. Sheldon has held positions that include European Director of Business Development and Regional Development Manager for Align Technology, Director of Global Marketing for UCLA School of Dentistry Continuing Education and currently leads Teams that provides Clinical Consulting Services to Align Technology. Sheldon co-founded ClearTPS in 2012 and ClearForward in 2017 the global leaders in clear aligner diagnosis and treatment plan optimization.

Dr Adriana Garro

global clinical director & lead orthodontist

With more than 20 years of experience in Clinical Orthodontics, Dr. Garro worked for Align Technology starting in 2001 holding positions that include, Clinical Operations Lead, Align Clinical Staff, Clinical Team Supervisor and Director of Clinical Education, EMEA. During that time she was involved in the development of many of the ClinCheck clinical protocols. Since completing her Orthodontic Residency she has dedicated her career to the Orthodontic profession specializing in Clear Aligner treatment. Dr. Garro joined Clear in 2012, and leads a Team of Clinical Experts and has overseen the management of over 300,000 clear aligner treatment plans.

Henk Geer

Founder, CFO

With over 25 years of experience in Global Finance and Operations for organizations including HP, GE, Dell and Align Technology, Henk currently oversees and manages Clear operations in Europe, UK and North America. Henk has a true passion for business and is very innovative in his approach in providing solutions to common challenges within organizations. His common sense and practical approach allows him to leverage years of experience working for some of the most progressive organizations in the world to lead any team to success. Henk co-founded Clear in 2012.

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