How do I get started with Clear TPS?

First, submit your aligner case to preferred lab as you normally would with all the required records.

Required records include impressions (traditional or digital), photos and completed online Rx form. Optional records include x-rays.

Second, once your ClinCheck® treatment plan has posted on your Invisalign Doctor Site (IDS) submit your case to Clear TPS at your case will be assigned to a Clear Clinical Expert.

What happens after I submit my ClinCheck® treatment plan to Clear TPS?

You will receive email confirmation of your case submission and your case will be assigned to a Clear Clinical Expert.

How long will it take to manage my ClinCheck® treatment plan?

Most case evaluation inquiries and treatment planning requests are initiated within 48 hours of receiving your order. The service level agreement is 72 hours. The average number of modifications is 3 to 4. Each modification requires approximately 48 hour turnaround time allowing for Align technicians in Costa Rica to assign each modification requested on your behalf to your ClinCheck® treatment plan.

How many modifications will Clear TPS make to my case?

Because of the clinical and technical complexities, Clear TPS provides unlimited modifications to your ClinCheck® treatment plan. Your Clear TPS clinical expert will modify your case as many times as required for the most ideal set up and possible outcome.

Can I also modify the ClinCheck® treatment plan after submitting the order to Clear?

Once Clear TPS has initiated modifications Clear TPS strongly discourages you from making modifications to your ClinCheck® treatment plan. Conflicting modifications may confuse the Align Technology technician.

How will I be notified about the status of my ClinCheck® treatment plan?

Clear TPS will communicate with you during the course of modification process. You will receive a final email communication once your ClinCheck® treatment plan modifications have been completed.

Who will approve my ClinCheck® treatment plan?

You will. You are the treating doctor and in control of approving your ClinCheck® treatment plan. Should you have any questions about your ClinCheck® treatment plan or want any further modifications to your ClinCheck® treatment plan you can communicate with your Clear TPS Clinical Expert.

Who will be assigned to my ClinCheck® treatment plan?

Your case will be assigned based on the availability of the Clear TPS Clinical Expert.

Can Clear TPS help me determine if a case is suitable for Invisalign?

Clear TPS Clinical Experts can give valuable clinical and technical advice on whether or not a case might be suitable for Invisalign, evaluate the predictability of the case and take into account your restorative treatment plan.

Who are the Clear TPS Clinical Experts?

Our Clear Clinical Experts are a Team of Orthodontists and GPs and have the highest level of clinical and technical expertise with ClinCheck® treatment planning software. Clear TPS Clinical Experts have previously worked for Align Technology for over a decade and have been involved in many of the innovations and developments of ClinCheck® software protocols. The team of Clinical Experts also have over a decade of experience managing tens of thousands of ClinCheck® treatment plans for thousands of doctors around the world.

My ClinCheck® set ups are fine why should I have Clear TPS manage them for me?

Remember, Align Technology is the manufacturer of a medical device and they do not provide medical or dental advice, nor do they give treatment planning advice. Your ClinCheck® treatment plan is an approximation of a particular clinical outcome and takes into account your online prescription, your clinical treatment preferences, and your expertise in understanding the nuances of the ClinCheck® treatment planning software.

Can Clear TPS also help me with midcourse corrections for case refinements?

Absolutely. For a reduced fee, Clear TPS clinical experts can also manage your midcourse corrections and your case refinements.

How much time will Clear TPS save me?

As a doctor, your time is your most valuable asset. Not only will it save you time it will save you money. Because the investment of outsourcing your ClinCheck® treatment plan to Clear TPS is less than what your time is worth you will maximize your profitability. Doctors who use Clear are much more profitable as they can reduce the need for midcourse corrections and multiple case refinements.

Can Clear TPS also help me identify the ideal price point for Invisalign in my practice?

Yes. Clear TPS also provides commercial and marketing expertise for your Invisalign practice. ClearTPS can provide a pricing and profitability analysis for Invisalign in your practice.