We are proud to offer a complimentary evaluation of your case as to the suitability of clear aligners.

Is it a “good” aligner case?

Are you considering clear aligner treatment for your patients but unsure about the best approach? Here’s your chance to gain expert insights for FREE!

With a Complimentary Case Evaluation, you can have your pending Invisalign® or other clear aligner case thoroughly reviewed by the orthodontic experts at Clear Treatment Planning Solutions.

  1. Sign up with the form below and create your complimentary account.
  2. Submit a set of orthodontic photos (Full set of 8 standard orthodontic photos required) in your preferred aligner company Doctor Portal.
  3. Log into your ClearTPS portal and select the “Case Evaluation” service and submit your order.
  4. Receive a complimentary clinical assessment and detailed summary as to the suitability of clear aligner treatment for any case based on treatment goals and patient chief concern.

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